5 Important Conference call rules:

1.) Mute yourself.
2.) Don’t say your name and directly press the #-button before joining a call so that there is no automatic voice interrupting the ongoing call.
3.) Joining a call late? — Don’t say anything. No apologies, no reasons.
4.) Be concise.
5.) Only join if you have a stable connection.

Are you also working from home at the moment? #wfh Due to the current global situation, many people need to work from home. Conference calls are a reality in many companies around the world. This chapter covers basic tips and rules on how to behave on conference calls. It teaches you the conference call etiquette that is followed in consulting firms such as McKinsey.

Did you ever wonder what to do and not to do on telephone conferences?

Watch these tips, drawing from my experience in management consulting and retail. These are some crucial home office tips (remote working) you just need to know. Important telco basics when working remotely.