In today’s business environment, managers no longer want people with only hard skills. Soft skills, especially good listening, critical thinking, and leadership skills, are considered more important than ever before since companies no longer rely on just a few people but on large teams working together. In this lesson, discover the six top soft skills companies look for and how to discuss them in English.

what I’m going to talk about is very important whether you’re working already or you’re going to be looking for a job in the future because the world is changing and there are certain things that you need to understand in order to enter the modern workplace. the modern workplace cares more about soft skills these days than they do or than it does about hard skills.

What are hard skills?

Hard skills are the technical skills or the technical qualifications that you must get in order to do a job. So for example, to be a doctor you need to go to medical school and get your medical license, to be a lawyer you need to get your law degree, to be a carpenter or a plumber you need to know how to use
the tools you need to know how things work in order to work with them so those are the hard skills that you go to school, you study, you get a certificate, you get a diploma or degree.

What are soft skills?

However, soft skills are things that you cannot go to school for. Of course, you can learn them while at school but there are no certificates for communication, leadership, and critical thinking. These are attributes or traits or characteristics, all three are synonyms of things that you have as a person as part of your personality.

If you don’t have them figure out a way to get them.

I’m going to give you the six most important soft skills that you need to work on or make use of in order to get a job in order to advance in your career in order to have a healthy relationship with your bosses and co-workers and again even in a social situation this will help you make new friends make new contacts. the most important soft skill that you need to make sure you work on or develop is communication now of course communication is a two-way street you have to speak and you have to listen.